August 13, 2022

With the beginning of the new year, everything related to 2019 has left behind. Are you searching for the best Minecraft mods 2020? Years by years Minecraft is gaining popularity overseas. Millions of players downloading and playing the game every year. Minecraft is a very impressive open-ended game, but its mods are truly where the game sparkles. Today, We are here for you with the brand new article showing the list of the best Minecraft mods 2020.

Mod is an abbreviation for “modification”, so a Minecraft mod is basically just something that alters anything in Minecraft from its original state to a completely different state. “Select the Best Place where you can Shine“, very famous proverb perfectly fits here. The game has many mods, and its difficult to go through all, so here we selected the best for you. The mods are the true place where you can see the actual game and its perfection. Scroll down to know more!

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10 Best Minecraft Mods 2020

Best Minecraft Mods For PC, PS4, Xbox One 2020

1) Aquaculture 2

Do you love fishing? This mod ideal for you! Fishing adds more fun to the game and this aquaculture mode brings something more joyful by adding different fishes to the game. You can craft fishing rods as well as get access to tackle box that contains various bait, fishing line, and hooks that gives a better chance to catch fish. Lunker as Trophy! Once you catch a lunker or two, you can then display them as a trophy on your wall.

2) Ring of the Miner

This is the very simple mod that adds one item, the Ring of the Miner, which breaks non-ore blocks in an area of 11x5x11 around the player, making for easier mining. In Standard Mod – right-click to break the non-ore blocks and In Void Mode – Sneak + right-click to void the blocks instead and save space in your inventory

3) Iron Chests

Storage Area! Wow! Always needed! This is one of the best Minecraft mods. It has the ability to create a lot of different chests of several qualities, make out of dirt, iron, gold, diamond, obsidian, and much more.

4) Fast Leaf Decay

Cutting a tree but its leaf is still sticking! Weird right? When you chop one down the leaves stick around for a while and disappear slowly. So, the Fast Leaf Decay mod seeks to make that better by making them fade away much quicker just in five seconds.

5) Presence Footsteps

Added sound! This is not necessarily needed but can add a great experience to your game as you travel around or make your way deep into caves. This mod features a multitude of different sounds for whatever you are walking on.

6) Apple Skin

Surviving in Survival mod isn’t only difficult but full of struggles. Your hunger status can keep you safe only. Along with your hunger status, You can visualize your saturation as well with Apple Skin Mod. So, you can now have more ideas about what to eat and when! When you select a food item, this mod will show you how your hunger and saturation is going to change by the item.

7) Mutant Beats

Want more monsters? Go for mutants beasts mod! This is always a favorite mod which was known as Mutant Creatures before, but has been recently updated and is now known as Mutant Beasts! These currently don’t work in survival, but hopefully, that will be fixed soon.

8) Genetic Animals

Want some different animals in your game? Genetic Animals mod will serve you then. Breeding and reproduction of two different species will result in the cutest animals you can have. You’ll notice similarities in size, color, shape, and resource drops!

9) Secret Rooms Mods

This mod provides you some special blocks by which you can hide everything within your world. Thus, You can hide precious items, add secret doors, pressure plates, and levers. Ghost Block is also there! It looks like whichever block you destroy with it, but you can walk right through it. This increases the places to hide.

10) Torch Master

This mod is very interesting where you can do a lot of things with Torches. Terrain lighter and the Mega Torch gives you the immense joyful Experience. The Terrain Lighter is a block that you can craft and place as many torches into a grid as you place into the box. If you need to lighten up the large area, this option is the best. Mega Torch blocks the monsters from spawning for a great distance. The best way to keep your area safe.

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How to Install Mods?

It is very important to know how to install Minecraft mods. If you know, you can skip this section. Follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download a Minecraft mod from a trusted source.
  3. Place mod into your Minecraft folder.
  4. Launch Minecraft like you normally would.

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Final Verdict

Hey friends, well you have gone through the best Minecraft mods. So, do not wait for more and play the game with the best mods. Make sure to download the mods from a trusted source. Don’t get trapped in spam!!

I hope you would like the article.

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