August 13, 2022

Hey, PES 2020 lovers looking for best PES 2020 players in the game with the highest ratings? Your search ends up here as we here with the best footballers in PES 2020 with great ratings.

There are many big names in PES 2020 but news969 has covered the best 7 as per the ratings. I know you are expecting renowned names of Football and all your expectations are going to be true because all the names are hugely popular.

Let’s check out who are the footballers who  ranked higher in this year’s list:

best PES 2020 players as per ratings

Best PES 2020 Players

1.Cristiano Ronaldo (OVR 94)

Cristiano Ronaldo is on the top with 94 overall ratings. 34 years old Ronaldo is from Portugal and belongs to club Juventus. Though Ronaldo made only 21 goals in season A which didn’t match his standards, still he is on the top. He and Messi both are the top-rated players in the PES 2020.

The Portugees players got 1 less rating in FIFA 20 and he got 93 ratings but in PES 2020 he is still dominating the top position. Messi got a higher rating in FIFA 20 and in PES 2020 both are in an equal position.

2. Neymar (OVR 94)

Born in 1992 Neymar is the Brazilian Football player who plays for Paris Saint Germain as a forward player. Neymar is competing Ronaldo and Messi and he also grabbed 94 overall ratings in PES 2020.

Neymar got 92 ratings as per FIFA 20 but PES 2020 gave him the equal ratings and he is in the top 3 players on PES 2020 including Ronaldo and Messi.

3. Luis Suarez (OVR 91)

Luis Suarez is an Uruguayan footballer who was born in 1987. Luis plays for Spanish club Barcelona as a striker and the player has won many trophies during his career. You would amaze to know that Luis didn’t get a good rating in FIFA 20 and even he failed to secure its place in the top 10 players. But in PES 2020 Luis got overall 91 ratings and got 1 rating higher than the last year.

We don’t know what is the exact reason behind it but as per leaks that Barca’s partnership with Konami helped Suarez to get these ratings.

4.Eden Hazard (OVR 91)

Eden was born in 1991 and he is a Belgian football player who plays as a winger for La Linga. Because of his speed, dribbling, and passing, he is among the best football players in the world. And in PES 2020 the player got 91 ratings which is higher than the last year. In the past edition, Eden got 90 ratings and in FIFA 20 Eden also got 91 ratings.

5. Harry Kane (OVR 90)

Now jump over our next player included in the list of best PES 2020 players, Harry Kane. 26 years old Harry is an English footballer who plays for the Tottenham club as a striker. He is among the best football strikers in the world and PES 2020 gave him 90 ratings.

6.Kylian Mbappe (OVR 90)

Kylian is 21 years old and he is a French footballer who plays for Paris Saint Germain as a striker. Kylian is popular for hos finishing, dribbling, and speed and that’s the reason he secured a place among the best footballer in the world. He is also the most expensive player. Like Luis, Kylin didn’t get the place in the top 10 players in FIFA 20 but in PES 2020 he is rated at 90. In the previous edition the footballer was at 84 and this year he got the 4 points jump.

7.Mohamed Salah (OVR 90)

We are going to conclude our list of best PES 2020 players with Mohamed Salah. Born in 1992 he is an Egyptian footballer who plays for Liverpool as a forwarder. Salah rated at 90 by PES 2020 and that’s the reason he also secured a place in our list.

FIFA 20 also rated him at 90 but this time he got 1 less point from PES 2020 when compared with the last edition. Last year he was rated as 91.

Bottom lines

So folks the top-rated players in the list of best PES 2020 players are Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar with OVR 94. Luis and Eden are at 91 and so on. I hope you have collected the required information via the post and if you found it informative then do share with your Football lover friends.

Which is your favorite player among the players I have listed here? Please tell us by commenting in the comment section and also put your query if you have any.

Thank you!

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