August 14, 2022

Chinese Battery brings trouble for Amazon – Lawsuit Filed

A lawsuit has got filed on Amazon after a Chinese battery burned down an entire garage. This incident happened in Minnesota when a garage of a man got burnt last year. The man allegedly bought a Chinese battery from Amazon. The Farm Bureau Property and Casualty Insurance Company stated that Amazon sold it to Dane Meyer.
Dane Meyer is the person whose garage burnt down because of this Chinese battery. The insurance company has filed a suit of $75,000 for the damages that occurred because of the fire. The insurance company has stated in the complaint that Dene bought this battery (listed under “Amazon Choice”). This is a campaign operated by Amazon itself that contains product that has high ratings, reviews, and are well-priced.

It offers faster shipping options for all those people who use Amazon Prime services. The insurance company filed the complaint stating that the battery came connected to a charger. The battery showed “compatibility” as per Amazon. When investigated, the charger wasn’t considered as compatible, which caused a fire in the garage.

Based on these investigations, the insurance company has sued Amazon for sheer negligence in warning the customer. It further involved negligence in liabilities and not listing the product as Amazon Choice. Moreover, the insurance company has gathered evidence by collecting necessary information from Dane. The delivered product packed and delivered to Dane had Amazon’s logo on it.

Furthermore, the company also stated that Amazon was negligent in promoting and selling products without conducting any quality assurance checks. It also throws light on Amazon’s responsibility in bearing products sold by third-party vendors. As per Amazon policies, it’s not liable for any defects or damages of the product.

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