August 13, 2022
How to enable Facebook dark mode

Recently Gmail added Dark mode to give relief to its user’s eyes and now Facebook is ready to offer this most awaited feature to its users. Like other chat platforms, Facebook is trying to make messenger convenient for users and the dark mode feature of Facebook would be the appreciable attempt.

As per reports Facebook dark mode is under beta testing and in order to enable it, you have to convey a crescent moon emoji to yourself. After you sent the crescent emoji, a shower of moons will occur in your chat window and you just need to enable the mode in settings. For enabling it you need to head to your Profile page and there you will get an option the turn on the Facebook dark mode.

According to Android Police, many Facebook users have been asked to test Facebook with a whole new design and those are invited for it, got the two choices between the dark and light mode.

The light mode would give you the same experience as you are getting from the beginning but with the dark mode you would get more approachable chat experience than before.

Facebook is trying to follow iOS 13, Instagram and other platforms Facebook will give you a great user experience and all the elements of social media giant including UI will adopt the dark tone. This feature will not only be smooth on your eyes while chatting at night but also save your device’s battery life.

The text will display in white color and the background will remain dark but as per leaks, it is confirmed that the dark mode of Facebook is not perfect yet. Redesigned Facebook is not available for every user and only Desktop users can enjoy it. Also, it is assumed that Facebook is offering the testing feature to the selected users before availing it to all.

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