August 8, 2022

Hey football lovers, which game you should buy? FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 is the main battle for the players. Pes has already gone upper-hand because it is been launched in the first half of Sep 2019 while FIFA20 has been launched at the end of the month. FIFA, undoubtedly, is unbeatable and has been dominating Pro evolution soccer in terms of sales and reviews. Both the gams looks best for the next-gen gaming console and have some pros and cons, the dislikes of others may be the most liked by you. When it comes to gameplay, PES 2020 is the clear winner. I am going to discuss the good side and the bad side of both the games.

FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: Which Is best to buy?

FIFA 20 VS PES 2020

FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 is preparing them to battle it out for PS4 and Xbox One supremacy. FIFA 19 has gone through a lot of critics and severely bad rating of 1.4/5 and named as the worst game of the series. To overcome these kick-offs, FIFA20 had to be delivered far better than expectations. Many changes have been seen in the game, FIFA 20, with better defending and attack due to more AI techniques. Improves moves and shots are also added. PES 2020 is, without doubt, the best PES game when it comes to gameplay.  It owns a far more arcade-like feel to it than EA’s game. The midfield looks often out of the game as play switched rapidly from defence to attack, sometimes more like a game of basketball, rather than football.


FIFA 20 has come up with something new, Street mode and its career mode is always the best.



The career mode has added to the game over the last few seasons. Showing the life-span journey of football of a player is really great to watch. The feature in FIFA20 is fully featured as Football Manager Lite, down to keeping players happy and getting into the detailed aspects of international information gathering. The new Contract negotiation system, which plays out with agents in a tense cinematic office/restaurant environment, is unbeatable.


This new feature in FIFA20 has made it easier for the players to comfortably hold the ball in a tight environment and set the ball up correctly for a long pass or take a player on 1v1. Stopping a ball dead at your feet, rolling it a bit, doing a stepover then blasting past a flat-footed defender is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced in a football game. I know this sounds like one of those irritating incremental point updates for a sports game, but this actually makes the difference and this you get to know when you play the game.


FIFA has been trying to bring out a more realistic view during gameplay, but it always lags behind PES at one point the way you could string together pinpoint passes despite the direction the person receiving the ball was facing in relation to where he was kicking it. In FIFA 20 there are now very strict rules regarding this, so if you try and just spam quickly through balls into the center of midfield with your back to the opposition’s half, your players won’t perform leg-snapping miracles, they’ll just completely miskick it. Combined with the physicality and 1v1 “strafing” of the setup touch, it really helps to slow down FIFA’s pace, and really helps with allowing for calculated build-up play in an opponent’s final third, a ploy previous FIFA games just weren’t interested in accommodating.



Volta is introduced, that is, FIFA street mode. Now off to the streets with your talent leaving the playground behind the back. This enables the players to play 3v3 Rush (with no goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal. Players can compete in different areas and environments. Whether you want to play on the walls or without the walls is all your choice. You can customize your appearance too. The introduction of Dynamic weather takes the game more to realism.

I have been waiting for the past few years to this, but when it comes to playing in street mode, it sucks. It is really disappointing.


Every year Ultimate Team inches closer, NBA 2K-style, to becoming the central focus of the FIFA experience, and every year that bums me out a little more. This mode is essentially gambling, it’s bad news for kids, and it has no place in a retail video game that’s already asking for you a big up-front investment.

PES 2020

BEST of PES2020


PES gameplay is awesome with its well-regulated player animation and ball physics of 1:1 make PES a real game than a video soccer game. And with the new release, it’s better. PES midfield battles are far better than  FIFA’s breakneck race to the penalty box.


This seems like a minor thing to heap praise on, but for the longest time, PES’ front end has been a nightmare to plod through. This year it’s much nicer, which for a game you might be spending hundreds of hours with, makes a big difference. the PES players and animations should really be praised but the game rarely gets any credit for this.

BAD of PES2020


Rough around the edges makes the game pathetic to play. The game comes without correct team rosters, data updates take forever, in-game replays are increased in length due to continuous displaying of the game’s logo. The stuff looks like unfinished and abrupt.


Repetitive commentary will often confuse the players during gameplay and makes the game worst. It is better to play games without commentary.

3) AI

Throughout my review, the AI would constantly just break down, particularly when it came to player movement off the ball. Sometimes my striker would start to make a run behind the defense than just stop and wander off, while my defenders would see an opposition striker heading at them and turn their backs. It didn’t happen all the time, but it happened more than enough for it to make a difference in the scoresheet in several key games, which was absolutely unforgivable.

Our Verdict

Both the games FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 are good at one or the other place. There are pros and cons of everything and this completely depends on you which one you pick. Without any doubt, FIFA will be the one who will sell more copies. IF you like FIFA’s career mode and Volta then close your eyes and go for FIFA but if you want a real feel of the gameplay then go for PES2020.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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