August 14, 2022

Love to play Minecraft but not winning? Do you Want to become a Pro Minecraft Player? Do you want to know the useful tips and tricks to survive in survival mode? If yes, you are lucky to land here! Without any further details about Minecraft, I am going to share some useful steps to become a pro player in the game as well as sharing some useful tips and tricks.

If you have played Minecraft, you must be aware of its modes. There are many modes in Minecraft but three of them are most widely used by the players, Creative, Survival, and Adventure. You can easily switch between the modes by using some commands.

Be a Pro player in Minecraft

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Steps to Become a Pro Minecraft Player

Following are the steps f how to move ahead in the game if you will follow these simple steps you surely will win!

Start from Morning time

  1. Look around and find the biome you are in. If you are in a biome with trees, water and clay then its very good for you.
  2. The second step is to punch the first tree you see. Collect wood from here for the future.
  3. If you are playing on PE, then press “.” You should now proceed to drag the logs into the ‘Crafting’ section of your inventory. On the output side, Collect at least 4 wood planks.
  4. In the crafting section of your inventory put one wooden plank in each box.
  5. Make sticks from wooden planks by placing one at top and one at the bottom.
  6. Make a wooden pickaxe by crafting.
  7. Dig through the dirt by your shovel to make a small room out of the stone.
  8. Make a furnace, and stone tools using a stone you mined.
  9. Burn wood to make charcoal. Make torches from charcoal.
  10. Go to your house and put the torches on four walls or roof or floor. Adjust light accordingly.


  1. Make a door to protect yourself in the night.
  2. Make a chest during nighttime.

Next Morning

  1. Get your sword in the morning and beware of monsters.
  2. Relax and kill the things that move except you yourself ad get great rewards.
  3. Now Find Wool and Food. Now you have two options either to kill animals or continue searing them and use them when needed. this will take you more time.
  4. After collecting wool, make a bed for yourself in the house. With a bed, you can save your spawn point, so if you die, you will respawn in your house.
  5. Mine ores another night but always be alert of monsters and creepers. Explode when they come near.
  6. Make tools with the help of Iron ingots. Go to your furnace, Put some coal on the bottom iron ore on the top. You will get iron ingots!
  7. In the night, Kill mobs again.
  8. You are good to Go Now!

Useful Tips and Tricks

I am going to share some useful tips and tricks in brief to become a Pro Minecraft Player.

  1. Never go outside in the night time without a sword.
  2. Cook efficiently and do not spend all the resources on cooking only.
  3. To find a good spot to mine, you can dig down to this level: Either descend to bedrock and then move back up 11 blocks, or press F3 and dig until the y-coordinate is 11 — or find a sufficiently deep cave.

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Final Words

Hey friends, I guess you Love this full-fleshed guide as a newbie and like it as a helping hand if you are already an expert. This article will help you surely to become a Pro Minecraft Player. If you face any difficulty then come back to me and mention your queries in comments. We are glad to help you!

Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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