August 13, 2022

Trying to turn on your favorite gaming console Nintendo Switch but it is not turning on? Don’t worry folks there may be minor issues that caused this situation. We need to address the causes first and then fix Nintendo Switch won’t turn on issue so just go through the post to get the best troubleshoot.

It is a really heart threatening moment when you think that Nintendo Switch wouldn’t work again but believe me it is not a matter of concern. Sometimes you didn’t charge Nintendo switch properly or it is demanding a reset, the problem can occur. Here you will get the best fixes to deal with Nintendo Switch won’t turn on issue so start reading now:

Best ways to fix How to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t turn On issue

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Why Nintendo Switch is not turning on: Reasons

There may be various factors behind this issue and the most common ones are:

  • You are unable to turn on Switch if it is not charged.
  • If the power cable is loose or damaged.
  • You are using third-party power adapters.

How to fix Nintendo Switch won’t turn on issue?

Charge Switch first

If the switch doesn’t have efficient charging then it won’t turn on so if you find the issue then probably it has drained the battery. To fix it you need to plugin it into an official Nintendo Switch AC adapter and wait for at least 30 minutes. It takes three hours minimum for full charging so for a fully functional console you have to wait for 3 hours. Never charge your console with a third party power adapter because such adapters are less reliable and can damage your gaming console.

Perform a hard reset have charged the Switch but still, it didn’t turn on then what will you do? Its time to do a hard reset to get back its performance. With a hard reset, your saved data will not be lost so don’t worry about your data. You need to follow these steps for a hard reset of the Nintendo Switch:

  • First of all, disconnect joy-cons and hold down the power button of Switch for 12 seconds.
  • Now release the tiny power button and press again normally.
  •  Its time to attach the joy-cons.
  • After it unplugs the AC adapter from both sides for at least 30 seconds for resetting it.
  • Finally amalgamate the adapter to the switch and to a wall outlet as well.

Nintendo Switch won’t turn on yet? What to do next?

I think after following all the two steps Switch will perform but if the issue still resists then its time to contact “Nintendo Customer Support“.You have to convey the answers to a few troubleshooting questions in order to proceed for a repair process. If you are lucky enough and your console is under warranty then you don’t need to pay repair charges.

Bottom Lines

So folks like this you can fix Nintendo Switch won’t turn on issue and if you get successful to turn on the switch with our guide then pass it on with your nears and dears.

Also if you have another troubleshoot for the same then share it with us. Stay connected for more informative and valuable updates till then happy gaming.

Thank You!

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