August 10, 2022

To test up your creative side none other game can overcome Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games to which you can play on both single-player and multiplayer mode. It is okay to play solo for a short span of time and after that, you feel bored. Then to vanish your boredom you can play Minecraft multiplayer. But how? Just pass a few minutes with us and reveal the best methods to play Minecraft multiplayer on different devices.

Enjoy Minecraft Multiplayer on different platforms

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How to play Minecraft Multiplayer

If you want to connect with other players in Minecraft then there are several methods such as:

  • Local Area Network
  • Online Server
  • Split Screen
  • Minecraft Realm

Have a look below to get know more about the easiest steps to play Minecraft multiplayer:

Steps to play Minecraft multiplayer on LAN

Java Edition

  • The initial step is to select a host computer. Make sure the computer is fast enough to play the game smoothly.
  • After it launch the game and click on “Single Player”.
  • Generate a whole new world or you can open up the existing one.
  • After entered, press ESC and click on “Open to LAN”.
  • Its time to select the game mode. You will find three options: Survival, Creative and Adventure, choose one.
  • To proceed further you need to select “Start LAN World”.
  • Finally, the players who are willing to join can start the game by clicking on the “Multiplayer” option.

Minecraft for Windows 10/smartphones/gaming consoles

  • You need to consider that everyone who wants to join a multiplayer is connected via the same network.
  • The next move is to select the host device.
  • Tap on Play.
  • You will notice a Pen icon and to enter a new world or editing the current one you need to press that Pen icon.
  • Then enable “Visible to LAN Players”.

  • Select from Create or Play.
  • Your mates can join you by searching the LAN games that is in the Friends tab.

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Steps to play Minecraft multiplayer on an online server

Minecraft Java Edition

  • First of all, log in to Minecraft and then select Multiplayer.
  • Now to attach a server you have to click on Add Server and then insert the IP address the server you want to add.


Note: Before joining a particular server makes sure you are running the same version of the game that the server running.

Minecraft for Windows 10/smartphones/gaming consoles

These platforms give the three official servers for Minecraft and you can select for any of three from the Servers tab. If you want to add any external server then you can by clicking on the “Add Server” option and giving the required information.

Note: Add server facility is available for Windows 10 only and you can’t access it on gaming consoles because of platform restrictions.

How to play Minecraft multiplayer with a Realm

The Realm is a multiplayer service that is offered by Mojang. You have to pay a subscription fee to use this facility and there is a variation in the subscription charges as per the gadget. The best part of Minecraft Realm is that you and up to 10 members can play at a time.

Minecraft Java Edition

  • Launch Minecraft and choose Minecraft Realms.
  • Then configure the Realm.
  • It is optional whether you want o enter into a new world or initiate with the pre-existing world.
  • Finally, you need to double click on the Realm.

 For gaming consoles and other platforms

  • Launch the Minecraft game and move to Play> Create New> New Realm.
  • Its time to finalize the name and size of your Realm, choose and click on “Create”.
  • After creating now you are able to invite your buddies.

How to play Minecraft multiplayer with split-screen

You can’t expect to play the java edition with split-screen because this feature is available for gaming consoles. If you have Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch then you are able to enjoy the split-screen feature. With this feature, up to 4 players can play the game simultaneously on the same screen. To play with split-screen you need to:

  • Start the game.
  • Then connect the controllers.
  • Now the monitor screen will be divided into player-specific screens.
  • Isn’t easy!


In these ways, you can play Minecraft multiplayer. How’s the information? You liked it or not?

Comment below to give your feedback and also pass it on with your nears and dears.

Thank You!


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