August 13, 2022

Got stuck with trading items in Roblox? Fooled by others? Don’t worry this guide will help you with How to Trade Items on Roblox. Whosoever be the player is, he may be dumped by other players very cleverly. While you trade with limited and valuable items, chances are more that you be fooled by others. So, you have to deal very intelligently to win!

There are proper Trading rules that if you follow, you will be able to sell items properly. Before actually knowing how to trade, let’s go through the whole Trading system. Scroll Down to Know more!

Step by step guide to trade items on Rooblox

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Trading System: Trade Items on Roblox

The Trading System is an outstanding feature for players with a Premium membership. It allows them to buy and sell Limited items and robux with other members. Both the users must let this feature enabled, in the Privacy tab in the Account Settings page. For Trading, you must have a membership.

To Trade items, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the user’s profile you want to trade with.
  2. Move to a box in the upper right corner that contains their username. You will find three dots there, click on it!
  3. Now select Trade Items.

Moreover, It is not mandatory to request a trade from the users’ profile page only where the “trade item” option is available. The same option is available in the inventory panel too, so you can raise a request for the trade from there.

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Trading Rules

As a seller, you can only ask 50% of the robux value of that particular product which is calculated excluding the transaction fee. For example; if you are offering an item that is worth 400 robux in the system, you cannot ask for more than 200 robux for that product after giving a 30% transaction fee for the trade.

Recent Average Price (RAP) is calculated while trading with anyone. If a user is not getting the minimum recent average price for her/his product, then the trade may get declined or countered by traders. So, before offering any price, make sure to check RAP. If your offer got countered by other parties and you still wish to offer a better price for your countered offer, you can simply use the donation trick.

Note: Please be very cautious while Trade items on Roblox. If you fixed the wrong price and it sells, Roblox will not be able to nullify the transaction.

How to Trade Items on Roblox: Step by step guide

The Trading generally happens in two-phase:

  1. Account Optimization- You have to make your account ready for Trading
  2. Actual Trading- Tips for Real Trading


  1. Get Builders Club Membership/Premium Membership– Join Builders club to Trade items, You can choose any package of your wish from classic to Outrageous.
  2. Enable Trading Option in Account– Login to your Roblox account, Go to Account Settings then Privacy Tab, Click on the “Trade Accessibility” option.
  3. Gather rare and limited items– Make some premium plugins that will notify you about the rare items, gather it!


  1. Search for the players you want to trade with- Search a user of your choice to do Trading with. Remember Trading is only possible when both of you have a builders club membership.
  2. Access Trade browser window from the user’s profile- Open Roblox homepage, search for the user, Open user’s profile, now go to Trade items option in the menu.
  3. Send Your Trade Request- From there send your Trade request.
  4. Operating Trade Window- By default you will see a panel of items to trade. If you are satisfied, pick one and good to go. If you are not satisfied with the default panel then you can add or remove items of your choice.
  5. Manage Trade Offers- Read Trading Rules above! Additionally, you can accept, counter and decline the Trade offer.

Suspicious Deals

  • Using the official systems to pay for accounts, real-world money, or groups.
  • Conferring your account or items out or letting a player borrow them.
  • Making deals where one of the sides has to go first and trust the other person.
  • Giving your account or item to another person to sell or trade for you.


Hey Roblox players, Trading is necessary while building and playing games and it brings more fun on the platform. But beware!

You need to be a member of Premium membership to do trading. Be very careful while buying and selling items on the platform, dont get trapped! Follow the trading rules strictly to be out of the mess. Last but not least, You must know what are not true deals. This step-by-step guide will help you to Trade Items on Roblox.

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