August 14, 2022

For all Kik Messenger users, Monday was not a favorable day as the Kik interactive revealed that they are going to shut down Kik Messanger. The team behind Kik is now planning to use its resources for their Cryptocurrency. Doesn’t matter what the reasons are behind the shutting down of the messaging giant but you have to rush to Kik Messanger alternatives. Internet is flooded with plenty of messaging apps so you don’t worry and to suggest you the best look-alike apps of Kik Messanger I am here.

Although Kik messenger is currently working, before its departure you must have the proper awareness about the solid messaging apps that would allow you to connect with your family and friends for free.

So let’s go down and reveal the best messaging giants that will serve you after the shutting down of Kik Messenger.

Best Secured and encrypted messaging apps

5 best safe messaging apps (Kik Messenger alternatives)

The most deserved candidate in our smartphone’s app drawer is the messaging app. People don’t have time to talk on calls and they used to communicate via messages and that’s the reason behind the demand for messaging services. Video calls, voice calls, group calls, and much more these apps offer but to choose the right messaging service can be a daunting task. To end up your hassle I have made a compile list of secured and encrypted messaging services so let’s check out:


The foremost name in my list of safe messaging apps is Whatsapp which has become synonymous for messaging. With over 600 Million monthly active users, Whatsapp is known for its easy to use interface and tons of features. Whatsapp web and desktop app are also available that supports PC and MAC. You can send photos, videos, make video calls, voice calls with Whatsapp in a totally secured manner.

You can back up all your messages and media with Whatsapp and for chatting with your nears and dears nothing can beat Whatsapp. Even my illiterate grandmother is aware about Whatsapp because everyone used to say “Whatsapp me”, “Call me on Whatsapp” etc.

Facebook Messanger

No need to introduce Facebook because from rural to urban in each and every area Facebook reached. The most popular social media platform generated Messanger to allow Facebook users to stay tuned with their family and friends with Facebook Messanger. If you have deactivated your Facebook account then you can still use Messanger as a messaging app but in terms of security, it is less reliable than Whatsapp.

Just like Whatsapp with Messanger users can make voice calls, video calls, send videos, photos and much more. I love the vast collection of stickers which you can use to add emotions to your chats. Also the lite versions of the messaging giant available to save your RAM and data as well.


Viber exists in the market almost from a decade. I didn’t use Viber ever but many of my colleagues and friends use Viber as a messaging app. Like other messaging services Viber allow its users to make video calls, group chats, voice calls but additionally it facilitates you with instant voice and video messages.

The desktop version of Viber is also available for PC users and all your conversations are thoroughly encrypted. One of the best part of Viber its GIFs and Stickers that can be used to convey your emotions to your close ones.


How can we forget Telegram when things come in terms of secured and encrypted messaging services? Indeed Telegram is the true rival of Whatsapp in terms of security and reliability. A desktop app also exists for PC users and you can consider it one of the fastest messaging app among all.

One of the best features of Telegram which stands it out among the mob is its cross-device syncing facility. Also, the secret chat option is the diamond in the crown. Nevertheless, you can chat or message someone without a contact number. Isn’t amazing?


Line is our next participant in the list of safe messaging apps and it offers you something more than others. Apart from usual messaging facility Line offers VOIP features with which you can make international calls at low rates. Over 1000 stickers and emoticons available and if you are looking for your favorite character or celebrity stickers then you can discover from sticker shop.

Not only a messaging app but also Line functions as a social media platform where you can follow celebrities, brands, and TV shows, etc. Go live to share the unforgettable moments via the Live video section. Make your chats more approachable with cute filters and effects. In short, Line offers you outstanding features that are not available in any other messaging app.

Before you go…

So folks after shutting down the Kik Messanger you can try these best messaging apps to continue your chats. All the apps are secured and you can use them on multiple devices like Android, iOS, PC, and MAC. I hope after observing the post you would definitely find the one app as a substitute for Kik Messanger.

If you want to suggest us any other Kik Messanger alternative that we didn’t include here then please let us aware in the comment section below. We would feel glad to update your suggestion in our list of best encrypted messaging apps. Stay in touch for more valuable updates till then Goodbye and happy messaging.

Thank you!

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