August 12, 2022

For all movie geeks, Netflix is the one-stop destination for watching the latest movies of different genres. And the streaming giant tries its best to make itself an ideal streaming service for all its users. To continue its efforts Netflix is testing variable speed playback on Android to speed up and slow down your favorite shows.

Netflix has revealed that it is working on an innovative feature to control the speed of shows for Android users. A variable speed playback feature is worth those who want to consume more content in the limited time frame. Many podcasts and video players are compatible with this facility and now Netflix is going to offer this to the Android users.

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to help members use Netflix,” the company told Android Police in a statement. “This test makes it possible to vary the speed at which people watch shows on their mobiles. As with any test, it may not become a permanent feature on Netflix.”

A wide array of users are considering it a useless feature but at the same time, many users are happy with this. It doesn’t matter who likes or unlikes it when you get it you will spot variable speed options while watching a particular video on Netflix. Then you can slow down the speed of the video 0.5x or 0.75x or fast up it to 1.25x or 1.5x. Rest depends on you whether you want to enjoy your favorite show in slow motion or in a quick manner to save your time.

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Android Police got two tweets about the variable speed playback feature of Netflix but it is not confirmed yet when it will roll out. We don’t have any idea whether the feature would be available for iOS users or not but as we get any update we will back to you.

For some users, it is interesting while few ones don’t bother about it. The notable point is that if Netflix offers this feature globally to go forward.