August 19, 2022

Are you thinking to buy a new gaming console? End up with confusion between Nintendo Switch Pro vs PS5 vs Xbox X? Today, Here I m going to discuss all three gaming consoles and will highlight the differences between the three. Games are always loved by players and they wait to get their favorite games and consoles. The wait has come to end for all three consoles by the end of this year (as predicted). Scroll down to know more!

All three companies have revealed basic information about what they are going to deliver with their new products. Microsoft has a chance to turn this around when it releases the next-generation Xbox system, named Xbox Series X. It will certainly have some competition with Nintendo Switch and Sony’s Playstation. Nintendo’s console emphasizes portability and flexible gaming options, Sony has a huge gaming library and Xbox has its game with the gold feature but when it comes to the Nintendo Switch Pro vs PS5 vs Xbox X, which console is more appealing?

Nintendo Switch Pro, PS5 or Xbox X: Which one will be the best

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Nintendo Switch Pro vs PS5 vs Xbox X: Release Date

It is confirmed that all three consoles will release in this year. It is expected that Nintendo Switch Pro will arrive before the other two. According to sources, there will be a huge battle on 2020 Christmas, as all three will going to release at that time. Wow!

Expected Date: 20 Dec 2020 to 31 Dec 2020

Nintendo Switch Pro vs PS5 vs Xbox X: Price

Nintendo Switch will come as the cheapest option to buy with a lot of features, just like PS5 and Xbox X.

  • Nintendo Switch: $400
  • PS5: $499
  • Xbox X:$550

Remember, these prices are only assumed or predicted. These are not confirmed prices.

Nintendo Switch Pro vs PS5 vs Xbox X: Comparison Overview

Undoubtedly, all three consoles are best at their places. It’s, we, who feel the differences based on our choices. So in the below section, I am going to share some basic differences between the three. This is never seen before the guide, you will not find anywhere else.

Nintendo Switch Pro

  • There are only rumors on Nintendo Sitch Pro, no official features and descriptions are announced. It is to be believed that Nintendo Switch Pro will come up with 4K Support, double the internal storage than the original, and four USB ports compared to one of the first Switch. So you will see a completely new Nintendo with this release.
  • With the increased storage capacity, users will be able to download more software and games. The Dimensions of the device will be 121mm x 202mm x 50.6mm with a weight of 400 grams. The CPU/GPU is the NVIDIA Tegra Xavier processor (custom). The system memory will come to be 64GB solid-state drive.
  • The Video Output will come up with Standard 1920 x 1080 resolution, FullHD [60 fps], maximum Ultra HD and 4K resolution and Audio output is Linear PCM 5.1 stereo support, and 7.1 surrounds.

Xbox X

  • The CPU in Xbox X will be AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU and GPU will be AMD Navi-based GPU (~12 TFLOPs). A good RAM, named GDDR6 SDRAM (capacity not confirmed). The storage you will get with Xbox X will be NVMe SSD (capacity not confirmed).
  • It will support 8K resolution and 120HZ refresh rate.


  • This is, undoubtedly, the best gaming console ever. PS5’s CPU processing power will be very robust and come up with a variation of AMD’s third-generation Ryzen line, 8 cores of the new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture and 16 threads at 3.2Ghz according to the current prediction. It supports 8K graphics with a GPU, variant of Radeon’s Navi family.
  • According to Current prediction, the hardware is coming up with 14.6 teraflops of computing power and Ray Tracing Graphics. It is very much expected that PS5 will come up with backward compatibility because Microsoft is also launching its new releases with backward compatibility.
  • A huge library of PS4 gamers should not get waste after the launch of PS5 and it makes no sense even! The Gaming hardware is expected to come up with 24 GB GDDR6 RAM + 4GB DDR4 RAM for the operating system. The PS5 will be taking gaming Audio to the next level with 3D audio. This will be built into its custom AMD chip. As a result, Cerny has claimed that you will be able to hear the 3D audio through your current speakers or headphones.

PS5 vs XBOX 2: Battle of best next-gen gaming consoles start now

Final Words

Hey friends, this is the jaw-dropping comparison between the three giants. Go through the guide thoroughly and carefully and pick the best for you. The comparison list is enough to make a firm decision.

Thanks for reading. I hope you like the article.

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