August 19, 2022

Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games ever which is suitable for all age groups, especially for kids and teens. Millions of players play Minecraft daily to create their own 3D era. Minecraft is based on Java programming language and needs a lot of technology to function well. More technology means more bugs and issues and one of the most common issues which users are facing now is the crashing issue. If you want to fix Minecraft crashing issues then you have landed on the right page.

Just pass 5 to 6 minutes with us and learn how to fix Minecraft crashing and what are the reasons behind the crashing issues of Minecraft.

Minecraft crashing issues (Solved)

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Why Minecraft crashing? Reasons behind the Minecraft crashing issues

There are many reasons that are responsible for the connectivity issues of Minecraft and here are the chief ones:

  • Because of the outdated graphics card and video drivers
  • Third-party mods
  • Not sufficient RAM to play the game
  • Bugs present in the game
  • You are using an outdated Java framework
  • Lack of processing power to handle the heavy game operations
  • Because of anti-virus

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5 best ways to fix Minecraft crashing issues

We don’t know exactly what are the reasons behind your game crashing but we have the quick fix for this issue. Have a look below to resolve the issue:

Solution 1: Restart your PC

Let’s start with the simplest fix which can solve this tricky issue. With a simple restart of your computer, you can solve the various issues including Minecraft crashing issue. In order to restart your computer you need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, click on Start Menu and then press the Power button.
  • Then tap on the Restart option and wait a while.
  • After restarting the PC now check whether the issue solved or not.

Solution 2: Update Windows

Windows 10 get often updates and in case you missed an update then it can affect the entire system of your computer including Minecraft. So to deal with all the issues along with Minecraft crashing you need to update Windows with the given steps:

  • Open up “Settings” and then tap on “update and security”.
  • Choose “Windows Update” next.
  • To check the pending updates you need to click on the “Check for Updates” option and all the available updates will appear to you.
  • Finally, download and install the required update and then try to start Minecraft again.

Solution3: Update the game patches

If you have applied all the two fixes but still unable to enjoy Minecraft then there must be bugs in the game that cause crashing. Bugs present in the game are the chief cause behind Minecraft crashing and to fix them Mojang used to release new patches. So in order to fix Minecraft crashing issues, you need to install the latest patches. After installing the latest version of the game hopefully, the problem will not occur again.

Solution4: Update graphics card driver

Outdated and corrupted graphics drivers may be the chief cause behind the Minecraft crashing and the best fix is to update them.  To make your graphics drivers up to date you need to pass through the below-mentioned process:

  • Navigate to the windows search bar and type “Device Manager” here.
  • Press enter.
  • Then you need to click on “Display adapters” from the menu.
  • Finally right-click on Graphics drivers and choose “Update Drivers”.
  • After it clicks on “Search automatically for updated driver software”.
  • In case there would be any update available for your graphics drivers then windows will update it automatically.
  • After completing the whole process reboot your computer and then check whether Minecraft is running smoothly or not.

Solution5: Confirm that you have installed java if not installed then install

As I said above that Minecraft totally depends on Java and for the proper functionality of the game, you must install Java in your PC. You can download and install Java from here.

Bottom Lines

I am sure after following these solutions Minecraft will run smoothly but if the game leads to crash again then you can reinstall Minecraft, update Java or run System File Checker scan to detect the issue.

I hope you found the post informative and if you get successful to fix Minecraft crashing issues after applying these tips then share your feedback in the comment box. If you have another solution that I didn’t explain here then let us know below in the comment area as well.

Thank You!

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